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We are a dedicated manufacturer of oxygen plant, oxygen gas plant, medical & industrial oxygen production plants supplier in India. Oxygen gas plant has started its state of the art manufacturing unit with Italian engineers at New Delhi (India) in 1985 with Mr. Agarwal at the helm of our company who is a qualified chemical engineer for design, manufacture, supply, erection and commissioning of Oxygen plant, Nitrogen plant and Acetylene plants with technical know-how desational Design & drawings with latest technology. Our Oxygen plants and equipments are sold under a reputed Italian brand to meet international quality standards. Our machinery since 1985 are acceptable worldwide in over 40 countries with proven performance.

We ensure that manufacturing of all our oxygen plant machinery such as oxygen gas plant, industrial & medical gas production plant and liquid oxygen nitrogen plant is done as per the best quality standards for industrial and medical purposes. As a leading gas oxygen plant manufacturer, we undertake complete responsibility from erection and commissioning to the installation at client’s site. Apart from undertaking erection and commissioning, we provide complete consultancy for installation of oxygen gas plants, hydraulic test stations for gas cylinders, supply of spares, etc. As an established oxygen plant manufacturer, we also offer ancillary equipment used in or with oxygen plant machinery.

As our entire business is focused on customer satisfaction, we also offer specialized equipment such as industrial and medical oxygen cylinders and cryogenic storage tanks. As one of leading oxygen gas plant manufacturers, we not only fabricate and supply cryogenic oxygen manufacturing plant but also offer high quality after sales service. The quality service is must for smooth running and operation of oxygen plants and other gas plants for long periods of time. As an oxygen production plant manufacturer, our company is committed to provide responsive service that a customer might need at any period of time. We have got an experienced team of engineers that help the customers resolve any technical issues facing them.

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oxygen gas plant manufacturer
5 step process – oxygen nitrogen plants

oxygen gas plants manufacturers

WE have designed and supplied low pressure cylinder filling oxygen nitrogen plants in more than 40 countries

Our Oxygen Generator  are being manufactured as per the latest technology & design of a Company from ITALY. 

Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen passes from the condenser to the cryogenic liquid oxygen pump for filling gas into cylinders

Our Nitrogen Oxygen Plant design based on the Liquefaction of Air based on low & medium pressure cycle based on Expansion Engine.

We are manufacturing and exporting Acetylene Plants and acetylene equipment for the use of various industrial and other purposes. 

Cryogenic liquid Nitrogen Systems/Oxygen Plant
are available in size from 50 m³/hr (70 ltr/hr) to 500 cum/hr (700 ltr/hr) capacity